Welcome to our Blog,

Pretty much all the blogs that I have read start with a “Hello.” Or “Welcome to Our Blog” instead of repeating the norm I decided I would tell you a story. Enrich was founded a couple of years ago and to date we have had some great moments along the way, included in this are many laughs. One story that has kept the office laughing for a while happened on the eve of our first anniversary.

Enrich was founded on the back of harsh climatic conditions and a need for cost effective landscape plans. Our industry had a plethora of landscape installers and designers, many of which, unqualified with little experience. In the hope that we would provide a need within the industry we started Enrich. Every year, on our anniversary- the 8th April- we take time out away from the office and in nature- where it all began. Considering that we all love to surf we decided that a beach day was in order.

Low and behold on the 8th it was howling and absolutely miserable. The weather, which had been sunny and rather pleasant the week before, was sullen and difficult to predict.  We decided to risk a a trip up the East Coast. If the weather proved to be horrendous then we would walk around the Harold Porter gardens or do something touristy and visit the penguins. Nolu are resident office administrator and perfectionist when it comes to cleaning was excited at the prospect of spending a day away from the office. However, She was not entirely sure about the surfing, especially in such miserable weather conditions. Kenny on the hand deemed the conditions to be absolute perfection and he could not understand why none of us thought so too?

On arrival to the little East Coast Town, our half way point, the wind was howling and the beast of Winter was upon us. Thankfully a much needed respite in the Cape drought we were having but not the ideal ‘day off’ we were hoping for. We took a vote as the rain droplets pelted our huddled forms at the local garage and low and behold everyone opted for lunch rather than a surf- all except Kenny, who was adamant we were bonkers and too negative for his liking. We arrived at this little café along the coast that was surrounded by Tulbaghia violacea (Wild Garlic). There pink florescence shown like little butterflies in the misty wintery day that surrounded us. The café was perched a few hundred meters away from the beach, across an open field, down a few dunes and below was the wild ocean. Kenny, still frustrated at the democratic office he found himself in, decided to go for a dip in the sea- although we thought him a little mad we all encouraged him and wished him farewell.

As we sat and sipped our delicious coffee Kenny came trundling up the dunes. He was sopping wet, sporting a huge smile on his face. A few meters into the dunes his towel was ripped off his shoulder by the gusting wind and it was whirled down the dunes at a faster pace than Kenny could run. Kenny was left to play cat and mouse with his towel as we laughed in enjoyment as he proceeded to try and catch it in the wind. Eventually he managed to intersect it and we all cheered as his success. Kenny walked the 200m back to the coffee shop triumphantly, stepping gingerly between the Tulbaghia plants. He remained in his swimming garb even after he drunk the hot chocolate we forced upon him until we managed to coax him to change into warmer clothes.

It was a fun day regardless of the weather but we could not get the smell of the wild garlic out of our noses. Whenever we were in the car it became progressively worse. On our slow meander back to Cape Town Nolu, who had to sit next to Kenny, exclaimed that Kenny smelt terrible. It was then we realized that Kenny’s run through the dunes and the garlic field had ensured his fragrance was Eau de Garlic! Kenny quickly snuggled up to Nolu, giving her a massive hug as she screeched in helplessness…

We take for granted how important those around us are and if it was not for our staff being so positive our day would not have been a success, one which we still enjoy sharing years later. We are also grateful that Kenny was able to successfully remove the garlic smell from his skin and clothes, arguably only by day three. Whenever we find Tulbaghia on our plant lists or see it in the wild we remember Kenny, the terrible stench and the enjoyable ‘day off.’

As I write this I realise that it’s a pleasure and a privilege to work with such positive and dedicated people. From our staff, to those who subcontract for us and to our Clients- building, nurturing and maintaining relationships are an essential part of our business and hopefully of us as people.